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I've spent the majority of the last 20 years working as a digital artist creating Architectural Visualizations and concept designs for several Philadelphia based design firms as well as freelancing in 3D Modeling and Animation. During these years I was fortunate to work on large scale projects such as Citizen's Bank Park, The National Constitution Center, and Revel Resort in Atlantic City. In 2017, I went back to my design roots working as a 3D designer in an experiential marketing agency.

I became interested in Photography while in college shooting black and white film and developing prints in the dark room. It wasn't long before I found myself exploring the streets of Philadelphia candidly photographing strangers. Photography has been part of my life ever since. Most of my early work focused on street photography and the urban landscape. After stating a family, we left the city for Bucks County, where I've begun to focus on other subject matter.

Most recently I've been experimenting with documentary landscapes and the in between spaces of the everyday. It might look pretty boring on the surface, often refereed too as "banal" or common place, but there is a certain order in the unscripted compositions not unlike those found in street photography. I promise I'm not stoned, just check out the "sense of place" gallery under photography to see what I'm rambling about.

My photos have appeared in a few online publications such as the cover of Doze magazine (2012) and the Phillyist (2013), back when that was a thing. Physical prints can be found around Philadelphia in a few office buildings as well as in the Broad Street Diner. "Fly" depicting a storm in the distance, while a plane flies over Lincoln Financial Field was selected to be printed on a billboard to promote Philly Photo Day (2012). My work has also appeared on a few television shows. The most recent and largest of which is the Netflix series True Story. The current series (2021) about comedian and Philadelphia native, Kevin Hart purchased twenty street and Philadelphia landscape prints to be used as art on the set of Kevin's condo and dressing rooms.


I like to make images; sometimes using 2D & 3D software (if Adobe or Autodesk makes it, I've probably crashed it) other times, I use a camera.

I'm always curious about the why of things and the process of creating. If you are looking for a photographer or have a weird, hard to explain design / digital need, I can probably help.

Use the link below to say hello and thanks for taking the time to view my work.

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