Baseball Banner and Pin Designs

Hurricanes Banner Final

Baseball has always found a way into my work. My first job out of college was 3D modeling, rendering, and animating architectural visualizations for Citizen's Bank Park, the ballpark for the Philadelphia Phillies. Almost 20 years later and I find myself designing a banner and collectible pins for a little league team, headed to play this summer, in Cooperstown NY.

It's been a while since I had the opportunity to create graphic design layouts and come up with branding ideas. I was approached to submit some designs due to my well-known graphics skills ......and the fact that my son plays on the team.

The above image is a banner created for the team to hang at each game this season. It's purpose is to create awareness for their upcoming trip to play in Cooperstown and acknowledge the sponsors that provided some of the funding. The tournament in Cooperstown lasts a week and hosts teams from all over the country.

Even though this was a small project for my son's team, I still wanted to have continuity and a sense of identity that we could use throughout the year. The logo and team colors were already decided on a few years ago. The only thing for me to do was come up with a design for the pin that we could then expand on as needed. The pins are traded by the kids during the tournament. I created a few options for the pin and then we put it to a vote among the players and parents to see which design everyone liked best. Below is the winning design.

MA Hurricanes PIN Designs V2 2021-02-24

The rest of the design options for the pins can be found in the gallery at the bottom of this post. In addition to serving as the design for the pin, the above badge has been used in a few other flyers and posters for fundraising that we've done throughout the year.

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