Wildwood New Jersey in Spring

Spring Sunset

Spring Sunset

Sunset on the docks.

Wildwood is usually a pretty busy place in the summer. But in the off-season, it's quite with little going on. The traffic lights all flash yellow and most of the stores are still closed for the winter. There was only a few places open on the boardwalk and most of the people on the beach were only there to walk their dogs.

I spent the day with the dog and family on the beach and found some time to take a few pictures. I'm still playing around with film simulation recipes on the Fuji X-T30. These are all Jpegs straight out of camera with some very basic cropping and straightening adjustments in Lightroom.

Instead of just posting a single picture on Instagram, I've begun to put picture packages together. I'm trying to get three to five shots at least that work together in a set. Each of these shots can be found in the journal section of my website. The details of the shot, lens and exposure settings, can be found by selecting the images in my Flickr Album for Wildwood.

The sunset images were created while waiting for our table to be ready at Two Mile Landing in Wildwood Crest, NJ. Great place to eat if you find yourself in the area. Bring your camera, especially at sunset.

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