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  • Booth Parking

    Booth Parking

    Booths hanging out in a parking lot

  • Xmas Cookies

    Xmas Cookies

    Sid getting in on the Christmas cookie action

  • Orlando Estate

    Orlando Estate

    West Gate Lakes, Orlando.

  • Three Sisters

    Three Sisters

    Orlando 2021

  • 2021.11.27 | Northampton Indians U14

    2021.11.27 | Northampton Indians U14

    East Region Division 2 Champions! Headed to Florida later this week to compete in the National Championship.

  • The Fall of Autumn

    The Fall of Autumn

    The problem with Autumn, at least for the last few years, is that it seems to end prematurely. November brings rain to the Northeast as well as wind, and between the two, they manage to snuff out the vibrancy of Autumn just before peak color here in Southeast Pennsylvania. The "fall" of Fall, kills any chance at getting decent shots of the full spectrum of color. The tones are much more muted as the browns from the branches fill the negative space of the trees creating a dull faded overlay when viewed from a distance. Some places here manage to hold on to their leaves and thus their color. These pockets are insulated and protected, usually by chance, from the harsh winds and the driving rain. Luck and timing is what separates a good Autumn photo from a great Autumn photo. Being there before the storm and at the peak of the color change, or just looking up through the skylight in your truck as you arrive at work the morning after a November rain.

  • Lemon Lollipop

    Lemon Lollipop

  • Hot Chocolate

    Hot Chocolate

    Jersey diner

  • Pop at the Diner

    Pop at the Diner

  • Autumn Impression

    Autumn Impression

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