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  • Owen 2022

    Owen 2022

  • Me 2022

    Me 2022

  • Sid Dreams

    Sid Dreams

  • Sid Morning

    Sid Morning

  • Fireside Nap

    Fireside Nap

    Shadybrook Farms Xmas

  • Untitled photo
  • Track 5 Sunday Morning

    Track 5 Sunday Morning

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Portal


  • Checking Out

    Checking Out

  • Discount Liquors

    Discount Liquors

  • Rocket in the woods

    Rocket in the woods

    The Rocket Slide at Knoebles Amusement Resort. Elysburg, PA 07|2022

  • Hershey Hillside

    Hershey Hillside

    Morning light on a hillside in Hershey, PA 07|2022

  • Carnival in the Forest

    Carnival in the Forest

    Southampton Days Carnival view from Tamanend Park. Southampton, PA 07|2022.

  • Smoke Bomb

    Smoke Bomb

    Crocs under an orange cloud of smoke. Churchville, PA 07|2022

  • Funnel Cakes for Christ

    Funnel Cakes for Christ

    Volunteer workers at a church carnival. Warminster, PA 06|2022

  • Alien Attack

    Alien Attack

    Church carnival. Warminster, PA 06|2022

  • Cressona Post Office

    Cressona Post Office

    Cressona, PA 06|2022

  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway

    Somewhere in Eastern Central Pennsylvania 06|2022

  • Engine 113 Minersville

    Engine 113 Minersville

  • The Way Home

    The Way Home

    Interstate 78 West

  • Furnace Stream Farms

    Furnace Stream Farms

  • Suburbamerican


    Patriotic garage in Bucks County Pennsylvania. 05/20/2022

  • bombers celebrate

    bombers celebrate

    Bombers Win! 5-4

  • the wood

    the wood

  • Dock Lantern

    Dock Lantern

    Two Mile Island, New Jersey

  • Spring Sunset

    Spring Sunset

    Sunset on the docks.

  • Behind the Boardwalk

    Behind the Boardwalk

    Wildwood boardwalk view from the beach.

  • Wildwood Dog Park

    Wildwood Dog Park

    Beach in the off season

  • The Pier

    The Pier

    Side view of the pier in Wildwood New Jersey

  • Sunset Wind

    Sunset Wind

    It started with rain in the morning and as the day went on, the temperature dropped as the wind rose. Briefly, at sunset, the sun broke through the clouds. It only lased about a half hour, but for those few minutes in an otherwise miserable day, the sun sliced through the overcast sky and backlit clouds of wind driven snow. It almost made you forget how cold it was. Almost. Lumix G9 & Leica Nocticron 42.5mm F1.2 1/640 | ISO 200 | F8

  • Golden Hour Vibes

    Golden Hour Vibes

    Morning light at the edge of Lake Luxumbourg in Core Creek Park, Bucks County Pennsylvania. Shot with Fujifilm X-T30 & XF 16mm F2.8 1/1000 | ISO 1000 | F11

  • Pop and the Boys

    Pop and the Boys

  • Untitled photo
  • Barrier


    Heading South along State Route 61 in Pennsylvania.

  • MEN


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