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Down the Shore Photography

People from Philadelphia say they are going, “Down the Shore”, when they talk about going to the beach on vacation. I’ve never understood why they phrase it this way, growing up, we always said we were “going to the beach”. 

I went “Down the Shore” a few months ago and brought my new ND Filter, the Big Stopper, with me. It is a 10 stop filter which acts like sunglasses for your camera. Seems kind of silly, but it allows the camera to act as if it is not getting enough light to produce a photograph. This allows the shutter to stay open longer which creates a blurring effect. 

Here are a few more shots without the filter, but slightly underexposed to bring out the color saturation. A lone fishermen stands in low tide baiting his hook. 

A storm rolled through late in the afternoon leaving some very dramatic looking clouds that were somehow lit from above and below. 

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