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GoPro Commute to Work

Decided to dust off the GoPro Hero 6 Black and take it on my drive to the office.  Set it up on the dash and did a time-lapse with two second intervals.

Shot this in the flat color profile because I haven’t spent much time color grading and wanted to give it a try. Since I wanted to have something to color grade of course it would snow that morning and have completely white skies void of almost all color.

In the end, this became more of an opportunity to composite two different time-lapse videos with hand painted masks. It was color graded although not sure it mattered that much.

The sky was painted out quickly by hand using a mask and I added a bluer sky I had from a previous time-lapse. Normally, I would do all this in Premier Pro, but decided to play around with the timeline options in Photoshop for this one.

Results aren’t bad for maybe 20 minutes of work.