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Grand Finale

Grand Finale is a composite of four photographs shot in Southampton, PA on the 4th of July 2018. 

Creating a shot like this is very easy if you have an image with a solid black background. You don’t need this condition to do it, it just makes it a lot easier. The four images were layered together in Photoshop. Each of the top three layers has its blending mode set to Linear Dodge (add). This blending removes the black from the layer and leaves the color. Then, simply position the layers to finish the composition. Adding all three layers directly on top of each other will cause a hotspot / blown highlight in that area, so try to minimize the overlapping to avoid this. If the individual shots were composed with black space all around them, you can rotate and even scale the layers to create a more believable effect. My shots filled the frame and therefore could only be moved left or right.  

To see the individual shots, check out the previous post.

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