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  1. Full Frame vs Micro Four Thirds

    I apologize, that was a click bait title and a very dirty trick. Especially because the two can’t really be compared any more than you can compare a pickup truck and a passenger sedan. You are in the market for either one or the other. One will work for your…

  2. Wildwood New Jersey

    Wildwood Sign - Handheld -  ISO 800 |  1/20 | F2.8 Spent a week in North Wildwood New Jersey at the end of August. This was the first time I left the big expensive full frame Canon and “L” lenses at home and instead only brought the Lumix GX9. Granted,…

  3. Chicago Photo Walk

    Chicago Tribune Tower - ISO 200 | 1/2000 | F3.5 A walk in Chicago, in June, with the Panasonic GX9 and Lumix 12-35 / F2.8.  When I bought the GX9, I did so with the intention of using it in situations when I wasn’t going somewhere specifically to take photos.…

  4. Reminisce

    Reminisce - 1/250 | F/4.5 | ISO 400 Two older gentlemen reminiscing at a graduation event last week. Shot with the Panasonic GX9 and kit lens 12 - 60.

  5. A Walk Around The Bryn Athen Cathedral with the Panasonic GX9

    Normally I shoot a Canon 5D MK II, but it is quite heavy to lug around and “looks” like a pro camera.  Not only does the size get you noticed, but it also makes it very hard to carry discreetly. Whenever I take it with me, I feel like I…