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Wildwood New Jersey

Wildwood Sign - Handheld -  ISO 800 |  1/20 | F2.8

Spent a week in North Wildwood New Jersey at the end of August. This was the first time I left the big expensive full frame Canon and “L” lenses at home and instead only brought the Lumix GX9. Granted, it is newer and therefore more fun to play with, but it really has impressed me. So much so, that I’m starting to take a more serious look at Micro Four Thirds in general.

I didn’t bring a tripod with me and with the exception of trying to take some shots of the bay bridge with stars in the background, I didn’t need one. Every shot taken (except for that bridge shot) which was rested on a wall, was handheld. Most people will not be impressed with this (or the shots, probably), but it’s a pretty big deal for the way I shoot. 

Wildwood Nights - ISO 200 | 1/6 |  F2.8

Boardwalk Delicacies - ISO 800 | 1/400 | f2.8

Golden Stair - ISO 800 | 1/125 | F2.8

Green & gold - ISO 200 | 1/15 | F8.0

Bay Bridge - ISO 400 | 15 seconds | F8.0

The weather wasn’t the best, but we managed to spend some time at the beach near first avenue. Walking along the sea wall was quite difficult in the wind and we were constantly pelted with sand.

Ocean Texture - ISO 200 | 1/800 | F8.0

Ocean Texture Bright - ISO 200 | 1/800 | F8.0

Ocean Texture Dark - ISO 200 | 1/500 | F8.0

Payne’s Grey - ISO 200 | 1/640 | F8.0

No trip to the Jersey Shore is complete without a stop in Cape May. This isn’t the place you think of when you think of Street Photography, but I found myself waiting around after dinner while the others shopped and really started to fall in love with the “L monochrome D”, black and white setting, on the GX9. 

Art Buyers - ISO 800 | 1/320 | F1.7

Cash & Clive - ISO 800 | 1/250 | F1.7

Shopping - ISO 800 | 1/60 | F1.7

One of my favorite shots of the trip was a Wes Anderson inspired shot of condo units. There was just something about the back-lighting combined with the pastel colors of the units and the symmetry that I couldn’t resist. In posting of the this image to Flickr, I found a group for Wes Anderson Style Photos.

The Grand Wildwood Condo - ISO 200 | 1/2500 | F4.0

And of course, one the better shots to be had during the whole trip, would occur when I didn’t have my camera; while fishing. The expression, “the best camera is the one you have with you”, comes to mind. Fortunately, the Samsung S8 isn’t too bad at taking photos. 

Sunset in North Wildwood - ISO 50 | 1/1440 | F1.7 (Samsung S8)