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Street Photography

Select photos made on the streets of  Philadelphia. Images in this portfolio were shot between 2002 - 2013. Most of these shots were done in conjunction with my daily photography blog.

Street Portraits

Candid portraits of people on the street. Most of the people in these photos did not know they were being photographed. The expressions are natural and fleeting.


Urban landscapes mostly shot in Philadelphia. The vibrancy of color and the reality of black and white. Philadelphia is city of complicated textures and raw contrasts. Gritty and beautiful.


Landscapes and seascapes shot in color and black & white. Areas include Colorado, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania.

Sense of Place

Sense of Place takes into account the "New Topographics" and American typologies of the man altered environment and combines it with familiarity of the everyday aesthetic.

Black & White

Photos of various subject matter shot in black and white. Contrast, texture, and tone are the focus.