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Photographs and site visits only show what is,

not what is possible.

Investors and tenants can't always visualize the opportunities present in an empty space. Pitching an idea to an existing client or potential investor sometimes requires imagery to explain the vision.

Concept Rendering

The cleaned image from above serves as the canvas to begin the visualization process. Using the initial mobile phone photo and 2D digital illustration techniques, a new concept image was created.

The client in this project had a couple prospective tenants in mind and commissioned a series of images to be created for targeted presentations.

Photo Illustration & 2D Digital Imaging

These techniques allow for a quick turnaround of ideas and concepts. Ideally, I would like to take the base photos to ensure image quality and high resolution output. However, as seen above, this isn't always possible or necessary. I can work with you to create a rendering or just to clean up and retouch an existing image. Please check out the gallery below for more images.

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